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For Yahoo, I got 434,000,000. There are many ads that come up addressing climate change, what people can do to "live green," as well as some news results farther down in the list.
For Ask, I got 13,500,000. oish330oish330
For Google, 44,700,000 WdchenWdchen

For Google, i recieved 45,300,000 search results for [climate change] regardless of if I was signed in or out of my google account. However, when I was signed in the adwords (sponsored results) were entirely different and more focused on ann arbor-based sites. mkeagymkeagy

For Googe - Images, 122,000,000 results dabilendabilen
For Bing, I got 59,500,000 results. imontyimonty
For Compfight, i got 11,680 images campandrcampandr
On bing, there are sponsored sites at the top and bottom of the page as well as to the right. To the left, there are related search results and a search history. There were a total of 60,300,000 search returns. ranfanranfan

Search [climate change]
Google found 44,800,000 results for [climate change] in 0.25 seconds. The general layout of the page consists of 10 results listed on the first page with news, blog, book, and video results as well. At the bottom of the page, it provides some other searches that are related to [climate change] and on the right hand side, sponsored links are provided. All of the results vary with climate change and EPA is the first of the results, followed by many other articles dealing with the same issue.

Yahoo found 434,000,000 results for [climate change] in 0.18 seconds. The format looks generally the same as compared to Google, with the exception that there are separate tabs for Images and Video located at the top. The sponsorship links are located at the top, right, and bottom of the page and Yahoo also provides an “Also try” at the top and bottom. The first result begins with the EPA, and continues with other various articles relating to climate change.

Bing found 60,600,000 results for [climate change]. Once again the layout is the same as the previous two. There is an images result at the bottom of the page, a related search bar at the left, sponsored sites at the top, right, and bottom, but this time, there are no news results. Bing also begins the results with EPA with other scientific articles to follow.

Ask found 13,500,000 results for [climate change]. The format of the page appears to be much simpler than any of the others, with the definition of climate change right at the top, along with overview, resources, and actions links. Related searches are on the top left and sponsorship links are on the top and bottom of the page. Ask provides the news results once again, and in addition, there are also questions links. With the other three, the EPA was at the top of the list, but here, Wikipedia is at the top. Other articles are relevant, but they are different, whether in a good or bad way, compared to the other search engines.

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