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For Bloglines I got 583,800
For Technorati I got 66,191. Also gives a suggestion to check out the Green Channel page with a link. Let's you know when the blog was created/updated. ie. 14 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, etc.
For Google Blog Search I got 20,597,231.
At Google Blog Search, 2 of the first 10 results were related to climate change and its effects on specific products (beer & coffee). There was only one really scientific result - titled "Can Prehistoric Fossils Predict Climate Change?"

For Google Blog Search, I retrieved 20,499,368 results. The first two results were nearly identical and both focused on the effects climate change will have on GDP by the year 2030. The third result was entitled "Climate Change Depresses Beer Drinkers" and was about climate change's negative effects on beer quality. While I'm sure many agreee that beer quality is important, I feel there are many more consequential effects of climate change that might be worthy of being in the top results. mkeagymkeagy

I would expect more detailed queries on a blog searches. I saw videos about climate change on Technorati and a graph of this topic mentioned by day.

Technorati: 66,195. It brings up many blogs, and orders them by how recently updated they were.
It also shows a small thumbnail of the blog page. It also gives some video results for the search.
Google Blog Search: 20,597,270 results. It offers search options to sort by published date, browse the
top stories, gives related blogs, and an option to search the web from the Blog Search page. At the bottom,
you can search the web again, get email alerts, and add blogs to your iGoogle page. Many of the blogs I
saw were the same as on Technorati.
Bloglines: 583,600 results. Again, a broad array of results, sorted by updated time. It offers an RSS feed
link on the side, along with other matching feeds, such as BBC, and matching news results. mike_danhofmike_danhof

For Technorati, I found 66,297 results for [climate change]. This type of site produces results that are blog entries. The first three have the words climate change highlighted in yellow, followed by several that don’t and then on and off. In terms of searching for facts, you probably won’t find much here. These are just other bloggers who do some postings, which some of it may be fact, while others are opinion. There are videos posted, sponsorship links on the right, blog post mentions by day on the right as well, and tags.

Google blog search found 20,597,212 results for [climate change] in 0.23 seconds. Once again, similar to Technorati, these are blogs posted by individuals. You are able to sort by the time frame in which the articles were published on the left and choose related blogs at the top. This site is a lot less appealing than Technorati in terms of webpage design.

Blog lines found 583,800 posts for [climate change]. The site features a listed of 10 results on each page, listed according to the time that it was published, with the most recent first. An RSS feed is offered, along with a Matching News section, all aligned on the right hand side.

All of these blog sites produce different results, because they are all separate from one another with different users on each. One might expect to use a blog search when looking for opinions and/or predictions about certain topics.

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