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For Silobreaker, news results are categorized by the 'entity' it came from, such as a keyphrase of Global Warming/Climate Change or a specific person kfreelskfreels

For Blinkx, I got 162,000 results, all videos related to climate change and allow you see thumbnails of the video running so you can more easily identify which video you want

For Compfight, I got 11,680 images campandrcampandr

For Yahoo Directory, I got 7,041 and gave a list of related directory categories campandrcampandr

SiloBreaker is a search engine that would primarily be used if an individual wanted information that pertained to news articles. After completing the search of [climate change], there appeared to be search entities containing these key words and an approximate count of results accordingly. Other than that, many news articles appear within the search, along with blogs, audio, video, some quotes near the bottom, and various documents. The three phrases that SiloBreaker uses to describe itself include; news search, analysis, and insight.

Blinkx produced 162,000 results for the search [climate change]. Upon hitting “Go” to initiate the search, the list of videos appears and the first one automatically begins playing. 10 videos are listed on a page and there is even a spot for you to drag several videos into place and make a playlist. Blinkx would definitely be a search engine for someone looking for various types of videos.

CompFight resulted in 11,682 pictures for the search [climate change]. Apparently CompFight compiles the pictures from flickr into this easily accessible website for people who want to find pictures of all sorts. All the pictures are just laid out on the page, with no specific type of formatting.

Yahoo Directory came up with 73 results from the search [climate change]. Someone who wants detailed information without having to search much further would use this type of directory. The benefit of using the Web directory as opposed to the full text search engine is that the results seem to be more relevant and useful to the search. At the top of the page, it gives you a listing of the various categories and then various sites that deal with climate change. On the right hand side, there are also, as usual, the sponsor results.

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