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When I searched Google for Gerald Ford, 3,250,000 searches were returned. They consisted of 10 links, video results, images, related searches, but suprisingly no Sponsored Links. The information consisted mostly of biographical information. The search took 0.9 seconds.

When I searched Google for Gerald Ford but not automotive and not cars (using the syntax -automotive -cars) 3,040,000 results were returned. The results consisted of 10 links and video results like before, but added books and news articles. And now it took .11 seconds.

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For Bing, when I searched for Gerald Ford 27,400,000 results were returned
Without "Automotive" and "Cars", 25,300,000 results were returned

For Ask, with key words and without key words turned up the same number of results 1,310,000.. not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

For dir.yahoo.com 256 with just the name, 230 results without key words

On www.yahoo.com, 6,830,000 for just the name, 5,820,000 without key words

The information included his bio, foundations, museums, and at the bottom, a little picture with his basic information .. so for the two searches, there wasn't much of a difference due to the majority being biographical information.


Bing produced a result of 8,260,000 for the search [Gerald Ford]. The page layout consists of some images at the top, a couple various websites, and then sites dealing with speeches, quotes, biography, family, accomplishments, and lastly videos. A quick reference is on the left hand side with the categories separate, a related searches bar, and a search history.

Bing produced a result of 6,300,000 for the search of [Gerald Ford NOT automotive NOT cars]. We would expect the results to be less because of the restrictions placed on the search. This time, the only two categories that are listed include Images and Videos, with various sites in between the two. The Related Searches and Search History toolbars remain at the left hand side.

Ask produced 1,310,000 results for the search of [Gerald Ford]. The page begins with a brief intro to who Gerald Ford was and is then followed by some sponsorship links. Then images and questions about Gerald Ford are next with several related sites in between.

Ask produced 1,310,000 results for [Gerald Ford –automotive –cars]. Could this be the right syntax for the Ask search engine? With identical results, I would think not, but in trying the Syntax of [Gerald Ford NOT automotive NOT cars] I was getting the results that included them.

Yahoo Directory found 591 results for [Gerald Ford] in 0.15 seconds. The layout is pretty basic with related directory categories at the top and 10 various sites on the page. There appears to be no sponsorship sites.

Yahoo Directory found 518 results for [Gerald Ford –automotive –cars] in 0.20 seconds. It is quite obvious why there are less results and why the search resulted in a slightly longer time. The search engine was narrowing down our search. Overall, the format of the page, however, is the same.

Yahoo found 15,700,000 results for [Gerald Ford] in 0.17 seconds. The format of this page is relatively simple with the first 10 websites listed and other relevant search options listed conveniently at the top and bottom.

Yahoo found 12,400,000 for [Gerald Ford –automotive –cars] in 0.31 seconds. The format is identical to the page without the syntax with the exception of the restrictions.

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