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Google: 6,140,000 for intitle:"climate change"
Bing: 196,000 results
Ask.com: 208,500 results
dir.yahoo.com: 57 results
www.yahoo.com: 7,130,000 results


Google produced 12,900,000 results for change in 0.42 seconds
Bing produced 146,000,000 results for change
Ask produced 215,200 results for change
Yahoo Directory produced 99 results for change in 0.16 seconds
Yahoo produced 18,200,000 results for change in 0.12 seconds

For Google, I got 6,070,000 results for intitle:"climate change" - search took .35 seconds kfreelskfreels
For Bing, I fot 145,000,000 results for intitle:climate change
Same answers as above for rest

Google produced 5,880,000 results for intitle:"climate change" in 0.58 seconds
For bing, I have got 679,000 results for intitle:"climate change" when I searched in Chinese interface ( default of bing on my computer), but i get 891,000 results when I switched to English interface. Both of the searches were set to get results which are in English though.
For ask.com, I have got 208,500 results
For yahoo directory I got 56 results in 0.16 seconds
For yahoo, I have 7,140,000 results in 0.23 seconds
One difference I discovered among these search engines is that google, bing and yahoo don't present any related links in my search, while yahoo directory shows the related searches above the results and ask shows them at the right hand side.

I entered "allintitle: climate change" and got 6,910,000 results from Google.
I entered "intitle: climate intitle: change" and got 252,000 results from Bing. I'm a little confused by Bing - their commercials seem to imply that their search engine, unlike Google, wouldn't carry seemingly random, sponsored results. However, the very first thing I saw when I made this search was a sponsored site titled "How to Build Solar Panels." Maybe I got the wrong idea from the commercial, but I don't see much difference between Bing and Google yet in terms of quality of experience.

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