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"climate change" site:epa.gov

For Google, I got 67,800 results.
For Bing, I got 255,000 results.
For Ask, I got 12,300 results.

I got 55,500 results in Ask.
I got 1,950,000 results in Bing.
I got 71,800 results in Google.

**using this query: climate change site:epa.gov

Google produced 372,000 for [climate change:epa.gov] in 0.17 seconds.
Bing produced 151 for [climate change:epa.gov], while [climate change: epa.gov] with a space produced 5,430,000
Ask produced 236,000 for [climate change:epa.gov]

*Using "climate change" site:epa.gov*

Bing: 261,000 results
Google: 68,800 results
Yahoo: 26,000 results
Ask: 12,300 results

Looks like spaces and quotations can make a big difference.

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