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In google, I got 3,390,000
For Google, I got 12,700,000. My search was "climate change inurl:.gov"
Was this too broad? aegreenaegreen
For some reason, when I searched this in google, I only got 1,630,000… Not really sure why I would get so many less results…

In Google 7,130,000 I did climate change site: .gov
In Bing 12,300,000
I got 7,130,000

Google produced 2,440,000 for [climate change:gov] in 0.38 seconds.
Bing produced 13,100,000 for [climate change:gov]
Ask produced 2,376,000 for [climate change:gov]

I did climate change inurl:.gov
In google I got 12,400,000 results in 0.28 seconds. However, the first few results are not that related to climate change itself. Instead they are about some global change fund.

In bing I got far less results. I got 19 and almost all results are not relevant and doesn't appear in a government site.

Same thing happened in ask. I got 1770 results and most are not relevant.


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