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Google and Bing provide stock price charts, and a couple of links to Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and MSN Money.

Ask.com, on the other hand, has no chart, and only the first article is related to Ford. Afterwards, all other articles are related to other terms that start with F (Facebook, F-Secure, F[musical note], etc.)

Google produced 57,200,000 for [stocks: f] in 0.21 seconds
With Google, a search of just [F] will place the Google Finance data for Ford in the top spot, with Yahoo! Finance in second. However, none of the the further results on the first page are related to Ford. mkeagy
Bing produced 98,200,000 results for [quote f]
Ask produced 19,200,000 for [stocks: f]

I get 60,700,000 results for Google in 0.69 seconds
I get 227,000,000 results for Bing [quote:f] and 60,700,000 results for [quote: f] By adding a space in front of f and after the semi colon, I got a very different results. The earlier syntax produced quite a lot of unrelevant results for my search while the latter one can prodvide me with mostly useful information.
Ask produced results 42,800,000 [quote: f] and 76,700,000 results [stock:f] It seems like for ask, it is more appropriate to search the stock price by use the syntax [stock:] as I got more relevant result by using that syntax.

My Google search gave me 123,000,000 for stocks:F. Interestingly enough, I tried typing only "F" into the search bar, and the first few results were exactly the same. It even gave me the chart for Ford. mike_danhofmike_danhof

Only Google and Bing show the chart for the stock price. robo24wolverinerobo24wolverine

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