Assignment date Due Date Percent of Grade
9/16/2009 12/9/2009 15


The participation grade you receive in this class will be based on three different types of activities: technical/housekeeping, search tool data gathering and reporting, and contributions to the learning environment of the classroom.

Technical/housekeeping activities

  • Twitter sign-up
  • Completion of wikidot profile
  • Adding information to student list

Search tool data gathering and reporting

On several days during the semester, we will be conducting an experiment in order to determine the relative effectiveness of different search engines of a particular type. Student participation in these experiments will be vital to the success of the experiment — the more students who participate, the better our knowledge will be relative to those search engines. For now, I know that we will be conducting such experiments on the following days (although this list is subject to change):

  • Web search 1
  • Web search 2
  • Blog search
  • Real time search
  • Video search
  • People search

Contributions to the learning environment

There is so much going on in the search engine industry that it is hard for any one person to keep up. That's why it is good that there are so many of us! While each of you will have lots of opportunities to write blogs that can be used to teach other students, much more will be going on in the search industry (sometimes directly related to this class, other times not) or in the industry that you will be studying for your term project. This is why we have a space for blog entries on the front page of the class wiki. If you ever come across some information (any information) that you think will be of interest to other students or to me, then write up a blog entry. (The content of these will not be covered on the test but I still consider them an important part of the class.)

You can also contribute to the class learning environment by helping out your fellow students with the exercises either in or out of class. You will not be graded on these exercises. You can help each other as much as you possibly want. Except for the data gathering for experiments (described above), you can work through the exercises in pairs if you want. Personally, I think you will learn better if you are operating the keyboard yourself when completing the exercises — and then consulting neighbors and friends if/when you have a question.

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