Assignments 2009

Below is a list of basic information related to each of the assignments you are to complete this semester. Click on the name of the assignment in order to be taken to a page containing more information about that particular assignment.

Assignment Assigned Due % of Grade
Blog Posts 9/21/2009 12/7/2009 25
You are going to write ten blog posts (on your own wiki) during the semester. The topic of these posts will be some web or real time search tools. Once you have decided on the topic of your term project, you can personalize these posts with how these tools can be applied to your term project. Until that time, you can personalize them with searches related to something in another class or something in your personal life.
Participation 9/16/2009 12/9/2009 15
The participation grade you receive in this class will be based on three different types of activities: technical/housekeeping, search tool data gathering and reporting, and contributions to the learning environment of the classroom.
Search Engine Analysis 10/07/2009 11/25/2009 15
You will complete an in-depth analysis of a search engine. The idea is to use our knowledge of how search engines can differ (learned way back near the beginning of the semester) and analyze a search engine using an appropriate framework.
Term Project 9/14/2009 12/14/2009 30
You are going to do one report on a specific topic. You should think about the report in the following context: Suppose you are an industry analyst who has had the responsibility for a specific topic. You have just found out that at the end of the year you are getting a promotion and that a new person is going to take over responsibility for your industry. The only problem is that you are not going to get to meet her — in January when she arrives you will already be off to your new position in New Zealand. You have been given the task of writing this report as a way of conveying your knowledge of the industry to the new analyst.
Test 12/02/2009 12/02/2009 15
This test will be multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. If you come to class, complete the exercises, and read the industry updates, then you should do well on the exam. More details later.
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