Bing Updates Fall 2009

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Bing Tries To Add More User-Friendly Features Than Google

With Bing trying to gain market-share, Microsoft is thinking increasingly hard to try to differentiate its new search engine from Google. With some of the new fall updates that Bing is releasing, it might do just that. Bing is releasing a new format to the search results that includes thumbnails, it is integrating MSN Video, and it is implementing a cash-back program that is sure to turn heads.

Bing's New Thumbnail Search Results

If you did not know already, like many other people including me, Bing has a hover feature on all of its search results that lets you see more information about an individual result. bing_hover.jpg It's really helpful so that you can see more words than just the three lines of result usually given to you, so you can see if a website is actually relevant to your search. Bing's new thumbnail screen-shot of the web page will be even more helpful to users so that they can have the option of seeing the website before they click on the result.This could be helpful if a website has potentially malicious content and you want to view it to see if it seems safe to go there, or if you just wanted to see if a website looks worthy of clicking on in the first place. It is much easier to determine the value of a search result if you have an actual picture of what is will look like.


Bing's new integration of MSN Video

Bing has integrated MSN Video with their video search engine to create a more user friendly and customer oriented interface. Microsoft said that Bing Video will "serve as a site for watching everything from viral videos to full-length TV shows and video, drawing on content deals with sites such as Hulu, CBS, MySpace, DailyMotion, and YouTube. It includes some really great new features that Google is currently lagging behind on. Searching for Videos is still the same, with Bing's scroll over auto play feature and video grid view, making it much easier to play multiple videos within a short period of time and compare them side by side.

New Features

  1. It has an awesome High Definition video viewer, right at the top of the screen where you can view your videos.
  2. It has really great tabs for new full length television shows, movie clips, sports highlights and shows, comedy shows and clips, and music videos.
  3. Within each of these tabs are even more tabs to refine your search, so that you can quickly watch new rock or rap music videos by clicking on their respective tabs.

Here's More on Bing Video and MSN Video's new integration: Bing Video News

Bing's New CashBack Program

This new cashback program seems to be a really great new marketing tool by Microsoft to get people to shop using Bing. If you search for products that you want on Bing and click on an item with a cashback coin sign, you get the stated percentage of the purchase price of the item back in cash. All you have to do is register on Bing and purchase through Bing, and you get money back off of the bottom line price. content05_01over.png
Bing is trying to compete with Google Shopping and, so it is offering this incentive to get people on the website and shopping. Once you have over $5 in your cashback account, you can ask for a check to be sent in the mail. The really cool feature is that you don't even purchase through the Bing website, so you are still ordering directly from the item's source website and getting this cashback anyways! Seems like a great deal to me, and I'm sure other people will catch on quickly.

Here is a picture of Bing Shopping: You can See the Cashback symbol at the top.


Overall Upgrade Evaluation:
I think Bing really exceeded expectations with these new upgrades. The picture thumbnail is really helpful and is one of the only reasons that is still used (it has a thumbnail picture too), maybe now will see traffic decline at a much greater rate. The Bing Video is really a superior layout and has much more customer friendly features that are really useful if you are just browsing videos and not searching the internet. The CashBack program is something that I am definitely going to sign up for because it is not really a reward based program (one where they give you points and you get a prize), you just get a cash (in the form of a check). Overall, I think Bing gets the nod over Google right now for web design, now we just need to see if the search feature can become as useful as Google.

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