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Lets take a look at how search engines and social networking sites are teaming up.

Bing Looks to Compete with Google on Social Networking

Microsoft Bing is looking to compete with Google on the social networking playing field that is quickly becoming a hot topic among search engine sites. Microsoft is in the process of making deals with both Facebook and Twitter so that statuses and updates will appear on the search engine. Plans for the deal will be announced through All Things Digital. Plenty of time and effort has been put into developing this idea and Microsoft put $240MM into Facebook in 2007. This idea of a real time search in the mass market will continue to become a growing trend among the leading search engines.


What this actually means

Now you may ask why a search engine would be looking to team up with a social networking site purely for user updates on various topics. It is because the company would like to join in the social networking trend that has been growing in the market for the past few years. In theory, this deal means that people will be able to see updates or tweets that are posted via the Bing search engine. Bing currently has Bing Twitter that provides tags for recent and common tweets that will allow users to see what people are taking about. It provides a search bar that gives searchers the opportunity to decide what information or topic they would most like to learn about. I believe that the Facebook page will be extremely similar in look and functionality because it is similar information that is being gathered for users. The only difference is that these are status updates from users profiles and these are normally a little different than tweets. This will make social networking even more public and bring people closer together


Did Bing beat Google to the Punch?

It looks that Bing beat Google to the punch by dealing with Twitter and Facebook to create partnerships in the market. Bing joins only a few competitors that provide real time searches and Google is not one of them…….Yet. One Riot seems to be the leader at this point and it looks as if the industry will continue to move in the direction that it has been moving in. Making the first move in this area gave Bing some real power to take an advantage over their competitor. But I would not rule out Google that quickly, because they had been talking with Twitter and Facebook also. A deal for Google could be right around the corner so Microsoft needs to take advantage of their lead so that Google cannot easily take over. It will most likely end up that Google makes a deal soon and competes easily with Bing.

Some stuff is just Private

Some questions have arisen about privacy concerns from users of Twitter and Facebook. This is a valid concern because search engines provide results around the globe. If users just take the time to look at settings for both their Twitter and Facebook profiles they will learn that they can control their own privacy settings. Twitter gives users the option to make their profiles private so that only followers can see what they are saying. This will stop Bing or other search engines from gather their information on the web. Facebook also has a similar option that allows you to only display updates to friends and not everyone. Since there are answers to these privacy issues, the growing trends in real time search will be able to catch on even more quickly.

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