Birthday Gift

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AHHH! My Dad's Birthday is in 4 Days! In hoping to redeem myself for almost forgetting my father's 54th birthday, I quickly get on my computer and begin to search for the best gift! BUT with such little time, only the best searches will do!

Beginning With the Specifics:

With so little time to order and get it shipped, I begin with the most indepth, word vomit that my brain commands my fingertips to type:"Top 10 gifts for dad" birthday. In google this returns 29 results! So few, my brain exclaims but I go on to explore! I checkout the first site, and realize that since I'm no longer 10 and have exhausted the "Give him a photograph of the both of you" idea, that I need to adapt my search to a more grown-up solution.

Even More Specific:


So, I try the next search, again with Google: "Top 10 gifts for dad" birthday -holiday -education. 7 results emerge, so I look at the first and although I would love to get him a "Lawn Bowling Set," last year I got him a Michigan Football Player Gnome, as seen below (provided from with "Michigan garden gnome" as my search), so I think it is best to STOP decorating the lawn! On a side note, I got my mother the Michigan Cheerleader Gnome for her birthday that year as well and they are now proudly displayed in my front lawn.

A Bit Less Specific:

Maybe I was a little bit too specific? Top 10 is a bit cheesy anyways, so I take that out and go to to search for intitle:"Birthday Gifts for Dad". 1,840 Results! I look at the first, which is from and decide that I am a bit too poor for their suggestions. The next result is no good at all, it wants me to think of an idea myself by thinking about his hobbies…..totally not what I signed up for….. I just want the gift idea to appear magically. I mean, right after I saw the Michigan Gnome, I just knew that I had to have it. So much so that I accidently ordered two! Luckily, I live in a sorority house and it was easy to find a buyer, I mean look how cute he is!


I've decided that I should try Yahoo! so I go and type the following: University Michigan -book mens. I chose to focus on Amazon because of their "FREE Super Saver Shipping." Although this returns the most results, 2,560 to be exact, the first link contains the PERFECT gift, as you can see below! Hopefully he likes them because they have just been shipped and should get there just in time!

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