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In a time where the Internet is becoming more and more inextricably linked to various aspects of our daily lives, it only makes sense that we would use search engines to help us find and listen to the music that we enjoy.


Blinkx, which has traditionally been a video search engine (in fact, the largest video search engine in the world), just recently added the ability to search music videos in addition to the 35 million+ hours of other video content. You have options to search alphabetically by album, artist, or song, with an additional filter for genre. According to this article, Blinkx will host 25% of all music videos online.

Interaction with Other Users

Blinkx also has a feature that allows you to see what other users are currently viewing/listening to.
Each artist screen contains a "Being Clicked Now" option that you can scroll through and see what other users are choosing to listen to.

Video Hosting

One potential downfall is that BlinkX doesn't host the videos on their own website, it only takes to you to other websites that have these videos already uploaded (but keeps the top bar of BlinkX.) As a result, the video results are often not professional quality, but rather user-uploaded content on or Youtube.
For example, searching for the song Low by Coldplay brings up this result:


which is merely a homemade video originally hosted on YouTube of the lyrics on screen while the song plays in the background. This could be improved by perhaps only linking to content from approved official users (the YouTube channels of the artists themselves) or by screening content in general. The inclusivity of all user-generated content means that the music videos generated are often of less than professional quality.

Search Functionality

Another issue that I encountered BlinkX is that the actual search function can use some improvement. You are supposed to be able to search by track, artist or album but it often doesn't work. In attempting to search for the same song that I previously found by clicking through artist and then albums, I had difficulty finding it directly from the search bar. Typing in "low", "coldplay low", or "coldplay - low" did not lead me to the link for the music video.

Overall Rating

6/10 - While the new presence of BlinkX has recently made the news for being a revolutionary new tool that can be useful in combing the hundreds of thousands of music videos that exist on the web, I found it's usefulness limited. It aggregates videos that already exist on other sites and fails to screen for quality of these videos that are often user-generated. However, it can be a good place to start your search for music videos.

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