Blog: Introducing Larry Warbasse

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My name is Larry Warbasse and I come from what most people refer to as "Up North," Traverse City, MI. Yes, you probably vacation there. I am supposed to graduate (and planning to?) in April/May 2012, and hope to either get a job in consulting (I could be persuaded otherwise on this one) or as a professional cyclist (I am actually kind of serious about this one as well).

I hope to learn numerous things from this class, but in general, I would just like to walk away with a greater understanding of how to use more of the trillion tools available to me on the internet, whether it be in a business focused fashion, or just for everyday life.

The most interesting thing about me is probably my habit for cycling. This past summer I spent three months racing across Europe with the US National Team. That is pretty much it though, other than cycling and school, I just kind of sit. And, go on the computer. When on the computer, I follow the general cycle:,, and After reading the often one or less email that I have, and learning everything there is to know about cycling, I repeat the cycle. Usually, to my dismay, I do not have any more emails, nor is there any new cycling news. But for some reason I just keep repeating. Such is the cycle of my life…

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