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Eye Sports Search is the largest sports search engine and contains over 161,982 Sports and Recreation Sites which ii pulls for information. The world of sports is always changing and new information is updated every minute of the day. The only sites listed in the search engine are those that relate to sports and recreation. This is supposed to make sure that each search provides only websites that fit your request. So far, I have not had an issued with unwanted sites because there are only so many in their database.

Search Database

Bulls Eye Sports has put together its own database for websites. This is the main reason for its low number of sites, but the high precision which it contains. One interesting thing about the database is that it is continuously growing through the work of site owners and its users. Site users such as yourselves may fill out a suggestion page if you would like a new site added to the database. You must find a tag for the page and the keepers of the site research it to see if it should be added to the database. This is great to know because it guarantees that the sites have reliable information on them.

Bulls Eye Search Engine mostly lists authority sites - NFL.com NBA.com, CBS Sportsline.com, etc. This does not mean you will not find many sites that are not authorities, we list those as well.
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Directory Use

Bulls Eye Sports contains an easy to navigate directory for users to locate information on certain sports easier. Each category is broken into more sub-categories and the number of sites it contains is shown next to them. Once a final subcategory is selected, all sites tagged by the BES comes up in a list. This feature allows for more accurate searching.

Other Search Engines

While Bulls Eye presents an opportunity to provide users with good precision, it still does not contain the high number of potential sites to choose from. Google and yahoo provide the opportunity for users to find blogs and personal websites for sports information. Yahoo and Google will need to find a way to move this idea into their sports sections for their loyal users.


Overall I believe that Bulls Eye Sports has the start of a really strong search engine for sports fanatics everywhere. Personally, I found the site extremely helpful for credible sites and strong accuracy.

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