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CastTV is a General Web search based on video description and tags. So, if you searched "Hello" on CastTV you would only find results with "Hello" in the title, description, or tag; not videos that contain "Hello" in the content.

CastTV provides a web-wide search and it does not host videos, it is just a search site; it obtains results from all kinds of websites such as Youtube, Hulu, and zShare. CastTV as alluded to in its name, targets TV shows and movies. In addition, it does not allow the user to upload videos to its site and it is not social as it does not allow the user to tag or comment on videos. The table below summarizes my findings.

Site Search Scope Uploads Host Social
CastTV General Shows No No No

One Stop Watching

One Stop Watching is CastTV's slogan. Since CastTV is not a host, it delivers results from tons of different sources. This includes the 14 video searches mentioned in class as well as some I've never heard of like and Tudou (one of the largest online video sites in China). This feature is what makes CastTV my favorite video search site for TV shows and movies and is why CastTV is soooo much better than Hulu.

Compared to the Rest

CastTV may appear to be most similar to Hulu, which also targets shows, but in my opinion this is not the case. I believe CastTV is more like Bing Video and Yahoo Video as it is a search engine that does not host, allow the user to upload and is not social. Obviously it is not as large as these two sites and its scope is a lot smaller, but the fact that it provides results from all over the web makes it a direct competitor of these sites for users solely targeting TV shows and movies.

It also competes with Hulu, but if Hulu users knew about CastTV and Hulu hadn't created this large hype for itself, they would all be dumb not to switch. This is because of Hulu's limited access to shows as it only provides results from its own site. Due to this, Hulu is not as comprehensive as CastTV. Below is a table which compares all of these search engines.

Site Search Scope Uploads Host Social
Bing Video General Web No No No
Yahoo Video General Web No No No
Hulu General Shows No Yes No

Exactly the Same?

When I used Clicker in class for the first time, I was surprised by how similar it is to CastTV. Looking at the table below, you can see how on paper there really isn't any difference between them, besides that in addition to its focus on TV shows, Clicker also provides videos from all over the web.

Site Search Scope Uploads Host Social
CastTV General Shows No No No
Clicker General Web, Shows No No No

Even looking at their homepages, they look quite similar. But, the user experience of the two sites is very different. After exploring Clicker I found that my favorite shows are still available and the results are shown in a more user friendly format. Compare Melrose Place 2009 on Clicker and Melrose Place 2009 on CastTV. Clicker's results look so much better than CastTVs and when you click on a video, the quality of the video is also better; for many of the results, Clicker will take you to the source of the video while CastTV just plays the video in the same window.

Clicker also has 23 categories of videos you can choose from, including Sports, How To, and Travel. In addition, both sites offer movies but on CastTV all of the movie choices are old, unheard and nonexistent; most of the movie selections actually display the result "This movie is no longer available" when actually clicked on. Clicker also doesn't have a great movie selection, but it is 100 times better than CastTV.


The Winner

My loyalty has now switched to Clicker, sorry CastTV. This is because CastTV doesn't have a web video search feature and I found that it is inferior compared to Clicker. Thus, Clicker is the clear better choice. Hopefully this lesser-known video search engine will begin getting the recognition it deserves.

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