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Scrolling through my Google Reader today I came across an interesting article from TechCrunch called "Real-Time Social Identity Platform Cliqset Launches Desktop And Boxee Apps" This caught my eye so I decided to check it out.

The Article


From the article I found out that "Cliqset aims to be a one-stop-shop for social communications, pulling in content from close to 70 social networks and services, including MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and more." From Cliqset you can share a variety of information, including a status update and send it out to be displayed on any other social networks that you use. This sounds pretty cool, and although it would be nice to just go to one site for all status updates and picture uploads, I, like most people, enjoy being able to surf around Twitter and Facebook. For example, although I get all Twitter updates and check Facebook on my phone, as soon as I get to a computer I still like to go to these websites, because I like to see how they are displayed in their normal context. So, why would anyone really use Cliqset?



Besides the fact that Cliqset enables you to update all your social networks at once, saving you time, it also allows you to use one application and your friends can choose to use another and still interact. That means that you don't have to use Twitter even though your friends do, but you can still see what they are Tweeting about. The picture above shows a few of their services. After creating an account, you add the services that you use. I added Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, and Flickr.

Supposedly now whenever I make an update it should update the other. I have yet to get this to work though. On Cliqset I can click on the Launchpad and access my Twitter account but when I updated it, my Cliqset did not update, and when I updated my Cliqset, my Twitter did not work. I am very disappointed but after research I believe this may just be me, so I am going to have to figure out what I did wrong. From my research I found that there actually was a lot of trouble with Cliqset's first Beta Version, but since then people have been overhelmingly impressed, although a few complaints include only being able to add one Twitter Account, and that they offer only a few blogging sites. The picture to the left shows what a Cliqset profile looks like. Funny how much it looks like Facebook, huh?


Although I'm not overly impressed with Cliqset, one reason I would use it is for its Boxee App. Cliqset was created to enable real-time communication across social networks and the user's activities, thus it would make sense that they would apply this same focus to their new Boxee App, which allows "friends to have a conversation around a specific video". So, while you're watching a video, all you have to do is load the Cliqset App and it will automatically link any comments that have been made by people who've watched or are currently watching it. Here’s a look at what Cliqset’s real-time video chat looks like on Boxee.



If you are a member of every social network out there than Cliqset may be just the thing you need, but for a normal user like me it seems a little overkill. If you like the Boxee App though, it really isn't necessary to use Cliqset to experience all of its appeal, although you won't be able to chat with people about the video you're watching. Boxee has a lot of great capabilities without Cliqset though, such as the ability to put all your videos and music in one place. In addition, once Boxee has all of your media, it goes through the web and downloads the cover and looks up reviews for you. This seems pretty neat to me, since I would never have the dedication to this myself. Check out the video below to see how Boxee works. If you're still interested in Cliqset you should follow them on Twitter and visit their website to try it for yourself! Hopefully it works for you!

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