Commercial Aviation Industry

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Welcome to my site!

As the title says, the purpose of this site is to educate an analyst on the web research tools available for researching the commercial aviation industry. The main focus of the site is on the different search tools available. However, aviation has always been a passion of mine and I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable of the industry. Therefore, I strongly encourage each reader to check out the Industry Background and Ongoing Events pages of this site where you can find parts of my own analysis of the industry.

All in all, I am very proud of this project. I have put many personal touches on the content available on this site and I hope it shows. It has been a refreshing experience to be able to work on such a large project with a topic I am so enthusiastic about. My skills learned and effort put into this site will undoubtedly help me in the near future when I seek internships and positions with different firms in the industry.


While this site contains lots of information, I've tried to organize it in a clean, efficient and easy to follow manner. All content can be found along the top menu bar in one of 5 categories:

  • Blog
    • Pretty self-explanatory, the blog contains all my blog posts from the past semester.
  • Current Events
    • This is where you will find information on the most important issues and events in the industry. Included under the Current Events tab is the newslist, a page with ongoing events as well as my shared items from the RSS feeds I subscribe to with Google Reader.
  • Industry
  • Tools
    • The tools tab contains all the search tools that I would recommend for the new industry analyst. While the list is long, these are all tools that I have used and find beneficial for researching the industry. My opinions are included in the descriptions of the tools. Video tutorials are included where applicable.
    • The list of tools is too long to write here, but the pages on types of search tools are the bulk of this site.
  • About
    • The about me tab contains my mini-bio along with contact information and my search engine analysis assignment.

Note: to view a directory of what is included in each category, simply click on the tab name.

Side Menu

  • The side menu contains "Quick Links" to the pages I reference the most, as well as a tag cloud of all pages.


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