Custom Search Engine Comparison

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In class we learned that Google supposedly has the best custom search engine. But how far behind are the rest? To find out I looked at the three other search engines mentioned in class; Topicle, RollYO, and Eurekster Swiki. My findings are below.



I would rank Topicle a 1 out of 10. I tried to Create an Engine which proved to be impossible. I added the URLs I wanted to be in of my custom search engine and began the checking process. After 30ish minutes it was still checking. I then tried to add just one URL and it still never completed the checking process, so I ended up without a custom search engine. I tried one of the already created custom search engine and they weren't very good either. I also found out that Topicle is powered by Google Custom Search, so why would you ever want to use it? You wouldn't!



RollYO (Roll Your Own Search Engine) actually worked so I would give RollYO a 3 out of 10 but although I was not impressed with it. For one, they made it very hard to figure out how to add my custom search engine to this page, and in the end I gave up (hence it not being here). I was able to use it on the actual site though. I added the same websites to my Rollyo Custom Search Engine that I had for my Google Custom Search Engine and got really different results. Only 3 of the first 10 were the same, although they were from the exact same sources. Overall the Google Custom Search Engine gave way better results than the RollYO one.

Eurekster Swiki


I would also give Eurekster Swicki a 1 out of 10 rating. As was the case with Topicle I was not able to actually create my own custom search engine; I waited 20 minute and it never loaded. I was able to use their search engines though but that really didn't help me.

Final Rating


Do not use any of the above. The Google Custom Search Engine is far superior and there is no advantage in using any of the others…that is if you can even get them work. I would definitely recommend creating a custom search engine though in any case because if you provide the sources than you know they are reputable. Also, it has been the case so far with mine that most of my searches provide all relevant results, so you don't have to go through all that trouble of shifting through the results, given by searching the whole web.

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