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Cyclops- Stock Photograph Search Engine



To start, the definition of a "Stock Photograph" is a photograph that can be licensed for specific uses.

Searching for the picture that you want can be very frustrating at times: You might have to go to multiple sites, click through the long list of results, or just simply settle for something else. Cyclops was created to fix this exact problem! The vision behind Cyclops was to combine the most popular sources for stock images into one site and this is precisely the case. This is most likely the idea behind the name as well. A cyclops is known to have one eye, and through this lens, you will be able to explore the various sources that it draws from and find the image that you want. In terms of finding the image that YOU want, you shouldn't have to compromise.



  • The hours spent laboring through stock photo sites. Desperately searching for the perfect image. It burdened our creativity. Weighed heavily on our visions for design.
  • But then the perfect solution crowned! And, before long, our beautiful baby Cyclops was born. With his father’s eye for photography, film and illustrations, he knows where to find the best, the most striking and most unique. And with his mother’s “eager to please” attitude, he collects everything he finds and brings it straight to us!
  • Finally, a helpful little monster who takes the legwork out of searching stock sites. His work, no doubt, will become legendary.


Cyclops draws its sources from multiple sites and this allows the user to save significant time by simply conducting one search. The various sources that Cyclops partners with include:



As seen on the right, the Cyclops home page is easy to use and very functional. It incorporates a style of simplicity, by having all of the information (search toolbar and partner sites) featured in one box. Cyclops even provides you with their twitter name, if you happened to want to follow them to get up-to-date information. As far as the search options go, you can pick and choose from where you want the results to come from. For example, for someone who has no preference, by clicking the option All, the search would be generated from all of the partnered sites, where as if you only wanted results for say Flickr, Shutterstock, and Stockvault you would have the search set up like this:


Cyclops displays its results in a very easy to use manner. The results are separated and divided by source and therefore, you are able to distinguish where each results came from. Through a simple query on [crime], here are the results that were produced. In this search, I used all of the resources, and therefore you can find that tab to scroll between sources, above the displayed images.


By clicking on the images, you will then be taken to the original site from where the stock photo is located, and various options can then be taken in order to obtain it for usage. For some of the sites, a fee is required to use the photos, whereas others are free of charge.
Cyclops is definitely trying its best to accommodate as many people as it can. Finding pictures can be difficult process especially if you have a particular image in your mind that you are ingrained to finding. This is precisely why Cyclops is trying its best to partner with more stock photo sites, to ensure the best possible results will be at your fingertips when using the site.


Keep in mind, however, that Cyclops is strictly a stock photo search engine, and if you are trying to use this site for any other purpose, it may not be very useful. For those who are interested in stock photos, this is a perfect combination of the most popular stock photo websites and will be extremely helpful in your search.


Cyclops is a powerful stock photo search website and I would rate it a 9/10. It is very user friendly, generates very relevant images, and saves you a lot of hassle and time from going to all the individual sites. The goal of the Cyclops team has definitely been met, in that the site is one source, but it generates results, as if it were multiple sources. This is due to its partnerships, in which the Cyclops team is continually striving to expand. Cyclops wants you, as the user to engage in the most positive stock photo experience, and is therefore is constantly coming up with innovative ideas.

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