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.com is an amazing site that has helped me immensely with my project. Although I have used Delicious quite extensively in the past, I have not used it in almost 2 years, and it has changed a great deal from what I remember. I previously only used this site to hold my bookmarks for when I was on a computer other than my own. But for my term project, (using search tools to understand and follow the Smartphone Industry) Delicious helped me find websites that were useful and relevant for gathering information about my topic. Here is my analysis of Delicious' search feature and my likes and dislikes.


1) Timeline Search
This lets you search a specific timeline (ex: last 6 months). In the smartphone industry, new phones are released monthly, so it is important to stay up do date with the most recent news and reviews. You can search links from the last 1 day, 1 month, 6 months, etc. I used 1 year for my search for "Smartphones," to make sure I was finding relevant websites.

2) Search Suggestions
Delicious does a great job with its recommended search queries. I searched "smartphones" as an initial search, with a goal of finding a list of the top smartphones. Under the Search Suggestions Box, Delicious provided me with several other options including "best smartphone", "new smartphones", "top smartphones", "compare smartphones" and more. Then by choosing "best smartphones" I was presented with a whole new set of search suggestions, like "2009/2008/2007 best smartphones", and "Top 10 Best smartphones". Delicious made it easy for me to start generic on my subject and drill down until I could find what I was looking for.

3) Tag Filters
When searching, you can remove results with a specific tag. There is information about the iPhone just about everywhere, and Delicious is no exception. Since it is easy to find that info though, I removed the 'iPhone' tag by double clicking on it. Then I was able to find information about all the other types, like Windows Mobile and Palm, that are less talked about (or in this case, less taged).

Here is a generic picture of the available options when searching in Delicious.


My main complaint was the inability to sort my search results. According to Delicious' FAQ page

Search results are ranked by relevance, which takes into account bookmark titles, notes, and tags, among other things.

I found Delicious' relevancy ratings to be accurate, but when I was looking for larger websites for which to browse for information, I would have liked to be able to search by "number of people who have bookmarked this page". My first result from best smartphones returned a link to an article titled "The 35 Best iPhone Apps Of The Year (So Far)" with 788 tags, while Engadget.com, with 26,000+ tags, was all the way down at number 6.


I think Delicious is a great tool, both for searching for links as well as for storing them. When I first began, I wasn't sure how I wanted to integrate all the links I was finding into my site. I was able to conveniently tag and store those links in Delicious. Once I figured out how I wanted to display them, all I had to do was jump over to Delicious and all my links were in one place. But the biggest help was in searching. I was able to find Engadget.com, which I have used as the foundation of my knowledge of smartphones. I was also able to find several smaller blogs that contained useful information. While they didn't typically talk about smartphones, they had a post or two that was relevant and informational for my project. And now I find myself in Delicious using the "Jump to a random bookmark" feature, and seeing what I stumble upon.

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