Final Project: Entrepreneurship

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The wiki I created was about entrepreneurship. I wanted to create it as a tool and resource for current and potential entrepreneurs to find information about starting or running a business. I tried to give visitors of my site a general overview, recent news, advice, and search resources to find more on entrepreneurship. Here is a more in-depth breakdown of my site:


Home Page

I wanted to keep the home/welcome page easy and not-stressful to look at. A first-time user, with just a glance at the page, will not feel overwhelmed with information. The title of the site is clear, with a brief introduction to the wiki. As he/she scrolls down, there is not too much to try to take in, finding a few blogs and articles recently added to the site, along with a unique Google search bar at the bottom for quick and easy entrepreneurial-type searching right on the home page.

You don't have to scroll down far to see everything, and you don't feel like you missed something if you decide to go on to something else. Also, the blogs, articles, Google search engine, and summary are all very clear, and the single picture is interesting and simple. I think making the page in 2 columns on the lower half really helped with organization.


Overall Organization

Setting the tone by the home page, I wanted to keep the wiki very user-friendly and organized. A user will not have trouble finding anything, and will understand the general layout of the site. Most pages have links to them on both the side bar and the top toolbar. This gives visitors pretty much two different ways to look around my site. They could browse by a general topic on the top, such as welcome pages, class assignments, resources, or in the blogroll. However, they could also browse more specifically on the side toolbar by scanning the actually pages listed there. Additionally, the pages I created could be easily organized with links to pages all over the wiki.


Welcome! Tab

I didn't spend too much time here, but definitely wanted to make sure a site visitor understood the logistics of the wiki. The industry overview is nothing special but could give a good enough introduction to entrepreneurship for those that are completely new to the topic. I wanted the site tutorial to list all the relevant pages on the site with a brief description, and where they are located. Once again, keeping the site easy to understand, and focusing on what they can find here.



Overall, I think I gave plenty of resources, yet not too much at the same time. For each resource type, I tried to explain what it was and how it could help them, list the actual resources to use, and go more in detail on few specific ones with an example related to entrepreneurship. I feel the RSS feeds page was a good one, along with websites page because I have a pretty good compilation of entrepreneurial websites to share. The news and image resource pages are decent, and I tried to explain how useful the Google search engine customized for entrepreneurs could be.

I didn't talk about page monitors or email alerts because I didn't really use them, besides for messing around with the tools in class. I didn't want to say they were not useful, because I didn't experience with them enough. Also, I didn't talk about Yahoo Pipes or other filtering software because the majority of my feeds and searches retrieved relevant material. Entrepreneurship is a pretty general topic, so almost anything relating to starting or running a small business was helpful. Actually, the more specific articles were the ones that I didn't look at.


Like most students in the class, I spent a great deal of time working on my project. My goal was to keep the wiki simple, yet still provide a lot of good information to the readers. I am interested in starting my own business one day, so I tried to fill my wiki with information that I wanted to know before starting the project. Because of that, I really enjoyed working on this project, and taking BIT330. It was by far the most unique class I have taken, and I can honestly say that this class was worth the money. I have already started, and will continue to use the techniques and tools I learned in this class. Thank you Professor Moore.

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