Faceogle or Myogle Google hopes of social-networking

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Google has been working on a new addition to its already innovative line of services. The new addition is called Google Wave which will revolutionize the way that we send e-mail and interact with people on the internet. Google Wave just might be the answer for google to break in to the social networking realm dominated by Facebook and Myspace.

"The all-in-one communications service seamlessly integrates a host of social features, including e-mail, multi-party chatting, document collaboration, blogging and sharing of photos, videos and maps.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/10/11/BU4O1A2UB6.DTL&type=business#ixzz0TsH6qgW9

Very long preview and discussion of Google Wave

But there is something more to Google Wave than just a new fun cool toy in your browser it is telling of the way that google has been approaching the business. The internet is not static, in fact it is constantly changing and expaning but in addition so is the way that we use it. There is no more "surfing the web" when was the last time you went online just to browse around and see what kind of cool websites you can find. The internet of today needs to be fast, mobile and make you feel like home. That is the mass appeal of the social networking. Sites like yahoo with news weather and sports all integrated into one or google's igoogle understand the new use of the internet.

"Facebook is another interesting example in that, as I mentioned, it combines all of these elements: Email, IM, status updates, and a stream. But the connection between all of these things in that system is loose at best. From a unified communications standpoint, Facebook is really kind of a mess. There are whispers of changes, and I hope that’s true, but I’m not holding my breath for a service with 300 million users to do something new and drastic that will alienate a certain (probably large) percentage of its base.

That’s why Wave is interesting. It’s backed by a huge company, Google, but it’s not trying to shove this upon all of its Gmail users. Instead, they’re going to slowly roll this out and see how users end up using it. And maybe more importantly, they want to see how developers start using it.

And that’s really a key that a lot of early users are overlooking. Right now, when people hear “Google Wave,” everyone seems to want to place emphasis on the “Google” part of it. But the truth is that the grand goal of the team behind the project is to emphasize “Wave” as both a platform and a new communication standard."

Technology will only keep increasing and shocking us all, lets just hope that it comes sooner than later so that we don't have to ask our kids how to use the newest Faceogle or Myogle or whatever the future has in store for us.

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