Final Project:Crime and Violence

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Things to Notice!!

To Professor Moore:

Things to Notice!!

Throughout this term project, I have focused on the topic of crime and violence in the US. Specifically, I was obtaining information in the form of news articles and other relevant material. My purpose was to gather the necessary tools for Special Agent Natasha in order to succeed with her position. Furthermore, I wanted to provide a brief background, touching base on past events, and highlight ongoing events that have been occurring as well.

I hope that you will find the following information helpful in providing me with the best grade possible because I definitely have worked extensively on the wiki. Here are some of the things that I would like to highlight:


The layout is easy to follow. I have embedded a video, incorporated a Google Custom Search Engine through a gadget, tagged multiple pages, and wrote 30 ongoing updates since we first started! Through reading these articles and summarizing them in the blog entries, I have been able to learn quite a bit about the current events regarding crimes and violence committed. Obviously, I have updated the top menu bar to help you navigate, but I have also made changes to the side tool bar as well to help out.

Common Questions

I covered all of the questions that you had asked on the assignment sheet as well in this Common Questions page. It provides a very in-depth view at answering questions that anyone might have when browsing through the wiki.

From the Common Questions page, you can see that I attempted to use Yahoo Pipes

  • I found it difficult to follow the instructions, and only ended up being able to connect one url with a filter, but it didn't seem like it was worth the time.
  • I gave it two tries: one when we were first introduced to the tool and one more recently, but I wasn't able to get desired results through this tool on either occasion.

Through the analysis of the U of M Library Database, I was able to briefly examine the differences as compared to Google Scholar and Bing

  • This allowed me the opportunity for me to expand outside of traditional methods for finding materials and gave me some more exposure to the resources that University of Michigan offers.
  • This was a good time consuming area as well, trying to cover the information thoroughly as to make sure a new coming employee would not be confused.


I have outlined several major events that have occurred in the US and embedded videos into the time-line. This serves as a way for the Special Agent to get a good idea of what the job consists of. I have also provided a couple links at the bottom of the page for further investigative research.

Tool Tutorials:

This was a major portion of the project and probably one of the most time consuming. As you can see, I went through many of the tools that we highlighted in class and analyzed them to the extent that the incoming analyst would be able to recognize whether or not they would be a useful tools.

Under the drop down for Change Notifications, you can see that I also tried out the WatchThatPage tool. Although I had subscribed to it and had the changes sent to my email account, I did not really spend too much time with it otherwise, because I felt that there were better tools out there. Google Reader was my #1 choice for acquiring information in one specified location.

Through Google RSS Feed Reader, I tried out FeedRinse as well, as you can tell from the bottom left corner of this picture.


This tool proved to be quite effective in allowing me to minimize the number of feeds that I had read through and only scan the most relevant ones.

All throughout the wiki I have also created tags and have provided sufficient links in order to ease the user's ability to navigate.

If I had more time…

If I had more time, I would've probably added more to the Research Evaluations pages; RSS Feeds and Relevant Websites The reason that I left it as is, was not only due to the time constraints, but also because I was satisfied with what I had as well. However, to provide a better overview, more websites would have been helpful.

In terms of the wiki layout, I would have made it a bit more appealing as well. I tried to stick with a more conservative approach strictly because the topic of crime and violence isn't something that people are upbeat and happy about, but given more time, I could have worked with it some more.

Last Remarks!

Anyhow, I hope that you enjoyed the extent of my project. I've even attached the link to a job application because I'm proud of what I did and how you've guided me through it. Thanks very much and have a great Holidays!

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