Final Project: The Movie Distribution Industry

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This is a blog for you Professor Moore to make sure that you understand the areas of my project that I worked extremely hard on and the areas of my project that you might have wanted me to include or work harder on but I did not for a specific reason. Hopefully you will agree that I spent an enormous amount of time on this project trying to make it the best and most comprehensive that I could.

Areas That Deserve Extra Amounts of Your Focus

  • Current Events: My current events section took a very long time for me to create. I had to read through almost every article and give many summaries, as you can see on the overview tab. I also picked out a total of 66 articles that I shared throughout the semester, which took me a lot of time and effort.
  • Comparison of Resources: Under almost every tab in my resource evalution, such as Web Sites, Web Directories, etc. I compared 3 different resources that you could get information on the Movie Distribution Industry, and how to do it. This took me a very long time to do, and I want you to notice the effort I put in to consciously differentiate each of them for the reader.
  • Formatting: It took me a long time to format the tabview on most of my wiki pages. I had a lot of trouble integrating screenshots with the tabs, and many times I would have to start over. I would just like you to realize that I spent a lot of time to make my website easier to read. I also made the introduction very short and to the point, giving links to my pages and nothing else (well just a preview of my search engine at the bottom) because you told us to make it as easy for the reader as possible to view this intro and get where he wanted to go as fast as possible, so that is what I tried to do.
  • I tried to make my tutorial as interesting and creative as possible, while making sure it wasn't too long so the reader could find out information quickly. Hope you like it.

Explanation of Potential Things Minimalized or left out:

  • I included most resources even if I did not use them often, telling the reader why I did not use them often and giving suggestions of how you can anyways. Email alerts, page monitors, video, image, and podcast searching were not used often, however I still included them for the reader's benefit with a bit of description. I think that you should take into account that while I did not need to include these because they were not very relevant to my searching, I still did for the reader's benefit.
  • I did not have many RSS feeds because I did not use blogs to search about the movie distribution industry. This is because blogs have very low validity and cannot be used most often as a trustworthy source, which is necessary if you are trying to get valid news on the industry. As a result, I did not include a description of a blog search application because I do not believe that it should be used or is useful at all when searching about the movie distribution industry. Also, you did not have blog search applications as a necessary point in any of the required status reports or any of the descriptions on what is needed for the term project, so I determined that you might have thought they were unneccessary as well for researching serious information (I hope you agree).
  • For some reason I could not get my Yahoo Pipes feed into my blogroll(I used bloglines for this) so I just gave a description of it at the bottom of the RSS Feed page (and under the Yahoo Pipes tab).
  • My background information is rather broad, however this is because the information about the industry is broad and not well defined. I thought I gave a sufficient and succinct background as well, minimal scrolling like you like.


I really think I deserve an A on this project. I worked extremely hard and spent an enormous amount of time on it, trying to include as much as possible and make it as user-friendly as possible and up to your standards. I hope you agree with me, and I thank you for being a great teacher over the semester. In all seriousness, I learned the most relevant information in your class than any other class I have taken. I even put that I know advanced search techniques, change notification tools, and how to create a website on my cover letter, which hopefully will get me a couple interviews. I will definitely recommend this class if it is offered next fall, and you should make this a requirement instead of BIT300 (even though I haven't taken it, everyone said it was horrible in class). You were right at the beginning of the semester when you said that my friends would get tired of hearing me talk about all of the new websites I learned about, because they have and now officially think I'm a crazy web freak. GO BIT330!

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