Final Blog about Soft Drinks

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I have spent a long time researching and working on things for this wiki so I am excited about you seeing it. The first things that I would like you to take a look at

Front Page

As you can see from the front page, I decided to make a little collage of tools that we learned for the wiki. It includes a photo from searching, chart filled with news stories from by bloglist, links to stocks, and a search tab for my custom search engine. One thing that I was kind of mad about was that I could not find a way to have the company stocks on the front page where it had a picture and updated daily. On one of the sites I found a code, but it was iframe so I couldn’t use it.


On the tab at the top of the page labeled Resources is where you can find an individual page for each type that I used. On each page I have listed the different sites from each resource category and have explained a little bit about how it was used and if t was effective or not. One thing that I have done was to make the resources pages a little bit different so that it has a little variation. Some of them such as the websites have tabs for each different site while my news tab just talks about the different sites and has a picture of the news trends for each company. This seemed like a good amount of sources that I used because I made sure that all of them were somewhat relevant and had some positive effect on the project.


Under that background tab you will find tabs for the industry, each company, and then recent industry news. While I only decided to talk about the two main players in the soft drink market, I did want to take a look the industry and its overall trends as a whole. Then I looked at background for each separate company and fought on what I should include. I was thinking about whether or not I should break down the company more, but decided not to since PepsiCo also deals with food items and Coca-cola also has many other beverages. I thought it might be better to focus on soda and then possibly add a random beverage article here and there. The recent news compiles stories in a chart of 5 at a time for each company and draws from the Recent News tab. This tab contains a bloglist of the stories I did for each company and additionally has a list of links to other potential stories.


As you will notice, I have tagged the pages well and have purposely included a smaller amount of tags to make it less confusing in my mind. The site is well organized with a strong top nav bar and the side bar is uncluttered. Each of the pages is linked to the outside for easy use. Each of the pages is well structured and easy to understand making this a strong wiki that will help a new analyst to either of these two companies.

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