Final Blog About Netbooks

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Dear Dr. Scott A Moore,

I am so happy that you have decided to peruse my website, I've been told this blog post is in place of me standing over your shoulder and pointing out all the key things about my fabulous website. I have to say this is a genius idea, me standing over your shoulder would go terribly, as a little brother I did that all the time while my older brother played video games on the computer, it drove him crazy (apparently I am a very heavy breather), but I digress.

First off, I think you really need to check out my Getting Started page, I think it will help walk the future analyst through this website quite well.

Additionally, I think I tried very hard to make sure that this website balanced between lots of static information (the key pages history, background information) and constantly updating information (news page, my posts, rss feeds). Also, outside of those static pages I tried to limit my texts and let any user get the information off the page as quickly as possible.

Search Tools

This was probably the biggest/hardest part of my website. This is because some of the search tools (RSS feeds, Video Search Tools, Image search tools ) I used a lot, so were easy to right about. Some though (e-mail alerts and page monitors) I never used, and really didn't see the point of them compared to a good RSS feeds, so I struggled to write about them, but I hope you see that I did give them a fair shake and added suggestions on how to use them.

Outside of those points, I think the site speaks for itself, ENJOY and Happy Holidays!

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