Final Blog: German Auto Info

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This is my final blog for the semester talking about my project. It was a long journey to completion and I am happy that I picked a topic I am truly interested in. When I first started working on my wiki site, I did not expect to spend nearly as much time as I did putting it together and trying to make it as simple, attractive, and informative as possible. In the end, I had to stop myself from continuing work so as not to fail my other classes. I loved having an excuse to watch car videos and research the vehicles I enjoy so much, hopefully my attention to detail really comes through as you are reviewing the site.

Things to make sure to see:

  • The instructions tab contains navigation instructions, query techniques (including a discussion of the best general search engines and metasearch), and some other general information for a fresh reader to go through before navigating the rest of the site.
  • The about tab has a bunch of cool information about my interest in this project.
  • My Yahoo Pipes page. I decided to pipe my Yahoo Pipe through this wikidot site, so you can see the pipe I created easily. Give the page a second to load though, it usually takes a minute to pull up.
  • Current Relationships page. This page shows a really cool graphic that details the interrelationships among all major automakers. I love how it shows joint ventures, ownership, and how complicated and interconnected things are in the industry.
  • News List page. I thought it would be useful to have my news articles tracked like blog entries are on this site. In other words, when I created a news article I would title the page URL with "news:" and all these entries would feed in to the newslist page and on to a nice table on my welcome page.
  • Forums and RSS pages are the best two pages for discovering information on German cars. Particularly the RSS area that show blogs, feeds, pipes, etc… If you are interested in this topic, browse these sites.
  • The Twitter page looks really cool and I love the new Twitter feature that lets you put these feeds on your site and customize how they look.

Things I could not get to work:

  • Google Custom Search using an IFrame on this page to have the search results appear within this site. I can not figure out what is wrong with the whole setup, I followed the directions and tried re-doing it a couple times so I must be misunderstanding something. I used TextWrangler to create the separate file on my mfile space to make sure that the file was as clean as possible. The other method of Custom Search (in a separate window) does work though!

Other Notes:

  • You may notice that my news story dates do not go back very far. The reason for this is that I switched up the way that I posted these articles on the site from being a simple table with links to the newslist feature similar to how blogs are tracked on the site. I have been posting news throughout the semester, but thought that this change would improve the news setup.

-Omer Ismail

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