Get Info on-the-go with Voice-enabled Search

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The future of the search industry is “hands-free.” Bing 411 allows people search on their mobile phone without typing at inconvenient times when they are out and about. Microsoft’s Tellme voice user interface exclusively for the Samsung Intrepid from Sprint is an application that also provides a similar service.


As discussed in this article, speech recognition is the future of computing and searching for information especially when today’s generation consists of so many multi-taskers. Think about it, you can be e-mailing, texting, making phone calls, searching for the nearest McDonald’s for lunch, and searching for answers to the meaning of life all simultaneously from your mobile phone – oh yeah, and completing all those tasks with the power of your voice. Not everyone in the search industry offers this feature, but I’m sure it will catch on soon enough. Bing for Mobile is a free application that can be used with Windows phones and it allows you to speak your query into the phone and it will retrieve results for you instantly. Bing 411 works on any phone. All you have to do is dial 1-800-Bing-411, speak your search and hear the results or get a text message of addresses, directions and other information for easy access later. This service comes in handy when you may be driving, jogging, or riding a tricycle, because we all know kids are going to be using phones before the training wheels come off. The Samsung Intrepid has Tellme voice user interface that allows Windows phone users to press a button and speak into the phone, which will dial phone numbers, text friends, or search Bing for anything under the sun. I would definitely find a use for applications like this, and even though I have not used Bing 411 yet, I will be dialing the number very soon to answer every question I have when I’m not sitting in front of my laptop. There is a need for this service and I expect that other search-engine providers will jump on the bandwagon soon enough and make it easy to provide results for queries when people need them the most. I cannot count the numerous times I have been driving in my car, wanting to get an answer to either prove my friends wrong about something or search for the nearest store, restaurant, or movie theater.


This article also explores the use of voice to write documents and e-mails, search the web, and even control your PC. Nuance Communication provides Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Software was released last year in August and provides these services and makes it quick and easy to search the web just by speaking into a microphone. You can use Google, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia and YouTube along with this software. It is very cliché, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to the search industry and I am eager to see how the other major search engines will respond to Bing’s exclusive partnership with Sprint Windows phones.

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