Google Chrome Update!

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I'm so excited about this new release that I just can't contain myself - but first, let me tell you about my relationship with Google Chrome.

My History with logo_sm.jpg

Even though Google's fantastic browser celebrated its first birthday about 2-1/2 weeks ago, I have only been using it for about six months. While our relationship has been relatively short, its length has not made our time together any less meaningful.

I was looking for something new when Chrome came into my life, and it was just what I needed. It meshed so well with the other Google tools that I already loved, like Gmail and iGoogle, and on top of that it provided such a logical interface. I fell in love with Chrome because when I opened a new tab, it displayed thumbnails of my most-visited pages and links to those recently closed.


I could go on and on about what made Google Chrome so special, but more exciting things are happening…

New and Improved

Just when I thought Chrome couldn't get any better, on 9/15/09, Google announced a brand new stable release of my favorite internet browser. I thought it liked it just the way it was, but a little self-improvement never hurt anyone. And I have a whole bunch of updates and bugfixes to thank!

It's Faster

Which means I can launch and load even more quickly. That's what I look for in a browser!


And it's Better Looking

Chrome has redesigned the New Tab page so that it's "easy to use and easily customizable." Frankly, the biggest reason I like it is that looks more clean-cut and organized.

However, some of its new features really will be useful, like that I can now rearrange the thumbnails on the page. I can also pin a thumbnail onto the page so that it always shows up, even if I visit that site less than other sites. This will especially come in handy for the hour-by-hour forecast for Ann Arbor. I haven't been using it lately, but now that the weather is changing I'll probably check it every day. Instead of having to try visiting it enough to get it to show as a thumbnail, which is what I thought I would have to do and which is a hassle, now I can just pin the thumbnail to the page and spare myself the trouble!

I also love that I can now display one of Google's many themes on my browser's pages. I'm glad that Google wants me to be able to choose how Chrome looks. Looking at pictures that make me happy, makes me happy. In case you were wondering, I'm currently using the "stargazing" theme, which I really like. Let me know if there are other ones I should be checking out though!

Finally, Chrome has dolled up its Omnibox, which is its combination search + address bar. Not only does it look a little more polished (which we know I love), but it also now has little icons to tell you whether an item in the dropdown menu is a suggested site or search, a bookmark, or a site from my browsing history. Now my browser tells me what it's thinking!

What Else is New?

I'm sorry, but I've just been so excited about my new and improved relationship with Google Chrome that I forgot to mention what else happened last week. Well, here's something worth mentioning: I knew that Google was doing a lot with display advertising (you know what I mean if you use Gmail), but I didn't realize that they were planning to create their own market for advertising! How very innovative. How very Google. Go to this page on Google's Official Blog for more details.

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