Google's Dominance Continues

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This blog entry discusses the three big names in web search engines – Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing – and how their market share is fluctuating in the wake of the announcement that Yahoo! and Bing will team up.

How They Are Faring


As you have guessed, Bing is the leading search engine in the industry. Just kidding. You caught me – Google is. They are by far the number one search engine in the U.S. with a market share of about 73% in September. But based on the article I googled that inspired this entry, everyone else’s share is up in the air.


The relatively new Microsoft Bing’s success has being monitored since its inception in June. One Web analytics firm, Compete, is of the opinion that Bing’s performance has gone up slightly from August to September, while StatCounter claims it has gone down considerably from 9.64% to 8.51% in the U.S. However, both agree that Yahoo! has done worse from August to September. The funny thing is, Yahoo! users search nearly 8 times per day whereas Google users search about 5.5 times per day and Bing users need to know something about 5 times per day. The number of users is what sets Google apart. Based on this information it is safe to assume that Yahoo! users are the most loyal (or the most stupid), that Bing users were born smarter (although it's still early), and that Google users are lazy (or scared to try something new).


Microsoft and Yahoo!'s plan to team up Batman and Robin style against the top-of-mind (it must be brainwash) Google does not seem to be as successful as the comic books. Whether or not Bing's market share went up 0.3% or down over 1.0%, Google remains the dominant search engine by a large margin. I expect Bing to overtake Yahoo! shortly for good because I think the aesthetically pleasing home page picture is far more popular than Yahoo!'s busy, clustered layout. I know many people who have begun making Bing their home page which will translate into more searches by sheer laziness. But, while Bing's search engine may be easy on the eyes, Google's is ingrained in our brains. I also know that quite a few of the people who have made the home page switch still use the Google search bar on the top of the screen.

There will have to be a very radical change in the search engine industry if Google is to be dethroned eventually. But until Bing starts giving out money for every query, Google has nothing to worry about.

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