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Are you currently on the waitlist for Google Wave? Well if you're not, hopefully this will help you decide whether or not you want to be.

Ride the Wave - How to get it!


"Google received more than 1 million requests to participate in the preview", said Lars Rasmussen, engineering manager for Google Wave. But, it wasn't until last Wednesday, September 30th, when invites were finally sent out. Many people are still waiting though. So, if you want to eventually Ride the Wave as well, you may want to visit Google Wave Invite to request yours ASAP.

Do the Wave - What is it?

What is so special about Wave? Well basically it is redifining how we do email. By definition, it "is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more." In english this basically means that you can use your email in real-time. That is if you receive an email, when you're replying to someone they will be able to see what you're typing as soon as you type it as long as they are also on their email. This can be helpful when you need answers quick and to make edits; you can both type at the same time. This also holds true for their Gmail Chat, I believe. If you don't like this though, you can turn this feature off. Still confused? Then check out the video below!


Tidal Wave - Why the hype may not last

People want what they can't have. Obviously Google knows this and this may one reason only a few people have received the invite to test it. People with the invite can send invites to others, and this has led people to beg others through Twitter and on many blogs. People are even bidding for the invites on Ebay. So, when this tool is readily available will people actually use it? Some critics believe that this is an unnecessary tool and that it overlaps many tools already out there. Others believe this is revolutionary. So, will the wave last?

Not A Splash, Yet - Conclusion

I'm still waiting for my invite so I can't tell whether or not the hype is real. One thing that is clear though is that Google Wave still has a ton of bugs and although they have been working out the kinks, they still have a long way to go until Wave can be considered anything but a "preview," Rasmussen said.

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