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This is my blog analyzing the development of my wikidot site.



For our BIT330 project we were required to choose a topic/industry, and then create a web page explaining the topic and how one could find/track information related to the topic using the tools from class. Since I worked at a healthcare company in the IT department last summer (and because this it's a trending topic in the whitehouse) I decided to do technology in the healthcare industry. This topic encompasses the movements and innovation both in information technology and technology itself. Both of these topics are vital players in reducing the overall cost of healthcare in the United States. This particular blog is dedicated to displaying the many features and resources that this site has to offer. It's intended to reflect the enormous amount of work that I put into the page.

Key Features

Tutorial Page

One of the most useful pages for users of my site is the tutorial page found under the "Project Information" tab along the top of the site. I built this page for users that aren't too familiar with the concepts or tools used throughout the site. This pages provides information about the site and how to use it. It includes links to all of the KEY pages within my site and descriptions about what each of the pages has to offer.

Click-here to view the "Site-Tutorial" page.

Customer Search Engine

One of the most valuable features of my site may be the customer search engine that I created with the Google Custom Search Engine builder. Located on both the "start page" and its own separate page under "search resources," my health technology custom search engine pulls from over 50 of the best pages for finding information on healthcare technology. After compiling websites for nearly an hour, I was finally able to create the ultimate search engine from both blog sites as well as IT news sites.

The site also features a section that describes what one would need to do in order to create their own search engine. This is extremely helpful for those that are building a site similar to mine or have a lot of interest in another topic.

Yahoo Pipes!

On my RSS Page I have a number of different links that take the user to informative sites around the internet. These sites all provide information to keep one up to speed on healthcare technology. The one feed that probably isn't highlighted enough is the Yahoo! Pipe at the bottom of the page. This feed incorporates many of the news and blog feeds on the page, plus a number of sub-feed that I found within the page. Additionally, the feed sorts out articles that may include doubles as well as sort the items by the date they were published. While all the feeds I provide are useful, this one is probably the most valuable of all.

The reason this feed took so long to build is because I had a lot of difficulty with Yahoo! Pipes. I had a little trouble getting the feeds recognized by the system. Additionally, I built the Pipe 3 or 4 times before I finally got it to save to my Yahoo! username. For some reason, even though I saved it, the pipe would disappear when I returned.

Video Search Page

Probably one of the most informative pages on my site, the video search tools that I utilized returned really great results relevant to healthcare. With many examples of these videos embedded in the page and a ton more to be discovered through the search tools that I provided, this page is full of information about healthcare technology.

Make sure to visit the video search page for the latest on healthcare technology.

Real-time Tool

One of the most disappointing things about my site was the creation of the live-stream using Tinker. I was very excited about compiling the relevant twitter accounts that I found into a single feed for one to view. The tool, which would be full of relevant posts with links to interesting sites, would be an interesting thing to follow in my spare time. I however, had a lot of trouble with the Tinker site.

The biggest downfall with the tinker site is that it doesn't allow you to specify who you want the tweets to come from. Although the option is available on the creation page, for some reason it doesn't take the feature into account. I tried over and over creating a feed only with the feeds that I found, but it never worked.

While the tool may return a few posts that are relevant to the topic, unfortunately it is full of irrelevant pots. I was very disappointed in the live-feed tool.

Moving Forward

Overall, my site provides a lot of resources for the user to find and track information about healthcare technology. The best part about the site is that it not only does this, but it includes descriptions on how one can create their own tools about topics of their choice. This will allow users to not only utilize the tools that I have built, but create their own and expand their knowledge of web-search tools.

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