IE Issues

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Internet Explorer 8 has some issues with this wiki.

Quick Background (You can skip this if you want to just read the issues)
Sometime in high school I began using Mozilla Firefox, and up until this summer I used it exclusively. When IE 8 came out, I decided to give it a try to see if it had finally caught up with the many innovations that Firefox created, most importantly the amazing (and amazingly simple) Bookmarks Toolbar. IE 8 seemed to be identical, minus the Add-Ons (although extremely cool, most people don't use many of them). What sold me to IE8 was its compatibility with Windows 7, especially the Aero Peek option. Although this was a operating system improvement and didnt' have anything to do with the browser, the compatibility blew me away. For those of you who haven't used 7 yet, get ready. It's great!

Then came It has given me SO many issues its ridiculous. As I am writing this (in Firefox) IE 8 has been continuously loading in the background for 20 min. For whatever reason I can no longer access But when I do, I notice a few more issues. The weird part about it is I can access just fine, but the course website will not load.

The biggest issue comes when editing pages. If the editing box already contains some information and I have to scroll down, I run into issues. Once I scroll down and let go of the scroll bar, the window will AUTOMATICALLY scroll up. This makes it impossible to edit anything in IE.

Lastly, the blue down arrow in the top right also has been not working, which prevents me from logging out unless I shut down my browser. Although as I am typing the page finally loaded, and its working. No idea what changed.

Other Notes
The site has a different Top Menu bar in IE, where the four options "Class Info, Content, Community, Schedule" are aligned horizontally, as opposed to Firefox where "Schedule" is down below. I would actually consider this a plus.

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