IGBR Wrap-up

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A few words about my project on Internet Gambling Banking Regulation.

  1. Analyst Tutorial
  2. Search Tool Analysis -Tool Specific
  3. Research Index Analysis - Source Specific

Points of Interest

There are two things about my project that I think stand out:


I think you'll find looking through the pages that there is a pretty high level of organization to the site. The side bar and top bar are well laid out for easy navigation. You'll find a site map on the home page and just constant linking to related internal pages throughout.

I created a project page feed so no wiki's could ever get lost.

You'll notice use of collapsible text, tables of contents, tabbing, and columns throughout the site that I didn't necessarily see utilized on many of the examples. There required a fair amount of code to get everything to do what I wanted, specially to get text and spacing to reconcile with this theme; all this took a lot more time than producing the text did.

There are also tons of screenshots littered throughout the site and especially the blogs. Click these too enlarge and you'll see my page does a good job explaining the unique functionality features of different tools visually.

Layered Resource Analysis

  1. Analyst Tutorial
  2. Search Tool Analysis -Tool Specific
  3. Research Index Analysis - Source Specific

These three pages contain the bulk of my resource analysis for the project (the blogs contain a ton of tool analysis as well and are referenced throughout the site).

I think I did a good job making each of these page serve a specific function.

The analyst tutorial makes it clear how to use the tools strategically. Which ones are the real 80/20 fix for keeping up with IGBR information and specifically how to work them into wikidot's infrastructure.

The research index analysis takes specific sites and feeds and uses the access/information/frequency/evaluation framework for describing them. I think that this page will be useful because it doesn't really cover any tools we used it class, it covers the products of using those tools & other sources I found helpful.Did I mention its well organized?

The search tool analysis takes a step back along the search chain from the previous page and offers an analysis of the standout tools in each category with specific attention to the changes you should be making to syntax on each one and there unique features. Above the standouts is an even higher overview of the class of tools itself, with attention to what kinds of research it lends itself to and the value added to projects.

The scoring system on both pages will be helpful as well because it tells you both how the resource rates in relation to all tools and sources, and how it performs within its class. They also both contain resources which didn't work, or became ineffective over time and why; should save anyone who reads it some time applying the wrong resource to the wrong topic.

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