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New Search Engine

A new search engine, called was just released in order to protect the religious views of Muslims. ImHalal filters its contents by deciding whether content is harem or forbidden by the faith. aims to become a leader in the filtered search industry. There goal is to become the number one homepage in all Muslim households.


How It Works? is a tool designed for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities in a safe and clean environment. Using will prevent you from “accidentally” bumping into explicit content but if you deliberately go looking for explicit content you might find what you are looking for after some while and that’s why we advise those people to use alternative search engines since isn’t designed for those purposes. When users search a keyword on the site, the results are returned but they also get a harem rating. If the user gets a harem rating of level one or two out of three, they are advised to choose another keyword to search, but they can still continue their search if they believe the results fetched are not harem.

Words like porn and rape are considered to be at a rating of three, and are blocked, he added. Terms like beer and pork, however, get a haram rating of one because users cannot consume them off the Internet.

Background Information was launched earlier this month, and has received more than 400,000 unique visitors so far. The site aims to create a safe and clean environment for Muslims to search the Web. There main product will always be a search engine but they have ambitious plans to expand there product line by adding Islamic widgets.

Other Uses


Parental Control For Kids

Since the site blocks off inappropriate material. It also can be used a search tool for kids. I was surfing the site and when I searched for images of celebrities or needed information about something that was not appropriate, I was either denied access or was shown results that were appropriate. Essentially, it has a built in Parental Control unit.


Since almost all of the inappropriate sites have been blocked. Almost all search results are more relevant. I was shocked to see that sometimes I got more relevant searches using then Google.

Really Cool Things


Besides from its great search results, shows images next to each search result. I particularly like this as I can get a preview of the site that i am about to go to. Too bad Google does not have this!

Website Mode

Similar to searching Inurl: on Google. has a tab that allow you to create quieries that will search within websites. Its nice that its one of the 4 tabs on the site. Additionally, just like the main search results, there is a picture preview of the site right next to the search result.

Conclusion is designed really well. It allows you to preview relevant sites and is just really precise. I expect this search engine to challenge the big search engines to think more about the user experience and not just about search results.

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