Introducing Allen Filush

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Hello Bit330!

I am from Grand Rapids, MI, or more specifically the suburb of Grandville. While this might sound normal, I actually lived on the last working farm in the city, where we had 10 acres and 12 horses. If your interested, ask me about it.

I will graduate this year in April. Coincidentally, that is also when I am supposed to graduate.

I hope to work in either of three industries in the field of marketing. I have three passions in life: sports, comedy and technology. Since a four year degree from Michigan would probably be wasted as a stand-up comic, I am hoping to be in either of the other two. A role in a CPG firm would also be desirable, due to the fact that many people I have talked too believe it is a great place to start a career. I worked for Microsoft as a marketing intern this summer and loved it, and would like to continue that career path. Dream Companies (in marketing roles): Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle, Cisco, HP, Dell, ESPN, FOX Sports, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, S.C. Johnson, Clorox.

I love technology in any shape or form. I like to know how to use/create/operate everything that can be hooked up to or accessed from a computer, whether it be MP3 players, cameras, video games, program languages, online resources, wikis, websites, etc. I hope to learn more in this area and have fun doing it, two vital parts of my senior year.

Interesting Fact: I play volleyball for the Men's Club team here at Michigan. I have played sports since before I can remember, but since I was not blessed with a 6-4, 230lb body, I had to chose between a great education and playing college sports. I chose Michigan and volleyball presented the only opportunity to satisfy my need for competition. I started playing my sophomore year it may be the best choice I have made in college.

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