Introducing Jim Egerer

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Hello hello!

  1. Where you are from
    • I'm from Hemlock, outside of Saginaw, MI at the moment. And of course Ann Arbor at the moment, and I spend a about a month and a half a year in Las Vegas.
  2. When you're supposed to graduate
    • Supposed to and will graduate after this year, hopefully with all you fine folks.
  3. What type of job you hope to get (or already have lined up)
    • I'm on a little bit of non-traditional route for a BBA more about that in personal blog, for now though I have a plan and I'm happy, maybe law school down the road.
  4. What you hope to get out of this class (or why you took this class)
    • Seems way more applicable to me than say accounting because its something we have to be using everyday. Figure getting comfortable with doing something you will be doing everyday is pretty beneficial.
  5. One interesting fact about you that most of your classmates would not know**
    • I make the best pancakes in Ann Arbor, maybe Michigan, probably the world ……self proclaimed
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