Introducing Nikhil Gupta

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  1. I'm from West Bloomfield, Michigan.
  2. I'm supposed to graduate in April 2011.
  3. I hope to work in the sports industry in some capacity. That could be as an agent or working for a professional team or league or anything, really.
  4. I figured that this class would either be easy or incredibly useful. Then, at a summer internship, I was assigned a task that involved researching the electronic medical record industry. I had a difficult time, even though I consider myself a slightly-above average Google user (Googler?). It occurred to me that this class would probably come in incredibly useful. I have to admit that Prof. Moore's first-day "pitch" sold me.
  5. I love to sing and am in a South Asian A Cappella group called Maize Mirchi; at the same time, I love Michigan Football and work on the team as a field manager.

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