Is Bing Really Hurting Google?

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Is Bing stealing search share from the Behemoth that is Google, or just killing its own "partner" yahoo?


#'s Don't Lie

It seems like everyone is raving about how awesome is as a search engine. Apparently it's so good that people are leaving Google for it…. or are they? The latest numbers from comscore seem to paint a slightly different picture.


It seems that the only people switching to Bing are people who used to be using Yahoo (and a few people are just going from Yahoo to Google). From September to October Google increased its share by 0.5%, Bing increased by 0.5% while Yahoo decreased by 0.8%. This is especially bad for Microsoft and Yahoo if you look at their share compared to the end of last year.


Since then Google has grown from 63.5% to 65.4%, Microsoft has grown from 8.3% to 9.9%, and Yahoo sites have decreased from 20.5% to 18.0%. Looking at Microsoft and Yahoo together as partners, since the end of last year they held a 28.8% share which has fallen 1.1% to 27.9%. Though they are not completely integrated yet, it's still hard to see any benefit their alliances has produced.

So What's Happening

It seems maybe that Microsoft's attempt to step up the intensity of the search engine battle only spurred on the giant google to improve itself. Recently Google has responded with the similar feature Bing offers (ex: Similar Images in image search). Resulting in Google gaining share and Microsoft and Yahoo fighting over whatever is left.

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