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The main page of Jamesoo proudly advertises that you will "find what you'll never expect." I was a little unsure of whether or not that would be a good thing. Often, I end up search engines because I am looking for a particular answer to a question. Jamesoo introduces a novel presentation of online news search, but the quality needs to be improved to match the superficial features


One of the more unique aspects of Jamesoo is its layout. Results are returned in a newspaper format, with each search result represented as an article.


Jamesoo attempts to combine the traditional front page format of news with the functionality of internet search. The headline even includes the date and the price ($0! Free newspaper! On the internet!) From the searches I tried, Jamesoo seems to have a limited number of results. "Health care" returned 5089 results, but there were only 5 results pages. I counted less than 1000 articles per page, so I'm not entirely sure how they select which articles to display, or what that number is relevant to.

Quality of Results

One area of Jamesoo that needs significant improvement is arguably the most important aspect of any online search engine - does it tell you what you are looking for? Jamesoo promises to surprise you, but it seems like sometimes this surprise isn't a good thing. You generally don't expect (or don't want) irrelevant results, but not all of Jamesoo's results were helpful. Additionally, the only way to organize search results is in the default newspaper layout. While that certainly puts a new spin in the same ol', same ol' we're used to seeing with Google, it doesn't help if you want to search results by date or author. The first result that comes up for health care links to what appears to be Jasmyne Cannick's personal website (and in case you've heard of her, check out Who She Be, as opposed to a reputable newspaper or television station website. I would hardly categorize her link as an article, as it really more a short blurb with a poll attached. It's hard to gauge how reliable and trustworthy Jamesoo's news sources are.

The default settings for Jamesoo (it doesn't seem to be too customizable, I haven't figured out how to change the layout from the default) searches for exact matches for your search term (using quotation marks.) Although this could be beneficial in returning more relevant results, the lack of options means that you may have a hard time if you are trying to perform a more general search.


Additionally, it appears that you can't change the default setup for each article. Jamesoo provides a link to the original article, but doesn't list an author on the main page (meaning that you have to actually go to the link to find out who wrote it if it is not included in the body of the article.) There are also no dates listed. The main headline indicates that results are from the last seven days, but there isn't any quick way of knowing exactly how recent an article is.

Overall, the main benefit that Jamesoo provides appears to be the integration of traditional newspaper layout with low-quality results. I would consider using this in the future if the quality and relevance of results can be improved, and if the functionality of the website becomes more user friendly (ability to play around with different options for the newspaper view, ability to manipulate search results). For now, Jamesoo was limited in its ability to help me search for news and find relevant information about the health care/medical devices industry.

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