Job Search Engines Booming

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In the web search industry, a growing niche seems to be the job search engine. How this affects the industry, and how the industry has been adapting to the current economic times are discussed below.

Searching for a Job…


now begins by finding a good job search engine. Newspaper classifieds are becoming extinct in a world where newspapers themselves are disappearing. In a job market that is more global than ever, another disadvantage of the classified section is the local focus. The web search industry is attempting to solve these problems in a more aggressive way than before. In the U.S., many may think of Monster as the popular job finder. But because of the current economic turmoil and rising unemployment rates, other dominant job search engines are popping up abroad. To name a few:

Don't be so Quick to Google

It's interesting to see how the industry reacts to society. Search engines are born and die each day, but job search engines may have found the right niche at the right time to have more than a short-lived web life. Because of unemployment trends and growing acceptance of job search engines as a means to get back in the work force, more and more people will turn to search engines that aren't Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If, for only at first, to find work.

What this could mean for the Industry

These job search engines could parlay their increased usage and benefit into web search engine success. For example, if Jomea becomes a big hit in Africa and the Middle East, they could use the loyalty and exposure they gain to begin an additional search engine for web content. If Google was currently the most popular search engine for those regions, Jomea may be able to carve out a large chunk of the market share because their web site is dedicated to people in those areas and they may find it more relatable. It would take a lot of work to sustain this however because the Big 3 already have a pretty strong hold on people's search habits. But in an industry that is responsible for retrieving answers for our queries, if Jomea (or whomever) is able to successfully delve into the Deep Web (and go where no search engine has gone before) while providing relevant and useful results, then they could make a name for themselves as a top web search engine.

What this means for You

At the very least, this onset of job search engines means that we, the workforce, have more tools available to us. This is great no matter what, but especially during these tough times. Like most other web resources, being able to take advantage of these will make life easier for you.

If you like to dream like me, then maybe the emergence of more job search engines and the possible competition they could provide to the top search engines will result in us receiving better search results in a faster time. I wouldn't complain if that happened.

I guess we'll see…

While it may be far-fetched, the job search engine boom could have Google, Yahoo, and Bing yelling, "They took our jorbs!"

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