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Joongel is my newest fascination on the Internet. Seriously, who came up with the idea to make the top 10 sites for [insert whatever category] searchable at the same time with the click of a button. Quite a few of the website's features have been very useful for my project, and they are especially useful for someone looking for ay kind of information related to video games.



If you want to find any images for your computer's background, or just to see what the quality of the video game is like, go no further than the image search feature. For example, I'm trying to decide whether I will buy Dragon Age: Origins. I looked up the game title for pictures, and one of the pictures that came up…


…made me want to buy it. Christmas, here I come!


This feature is good, too. It lets you see different blog searching websites and what their results are for the same search term. This is very useful for finding out what the latest blog buzz is on a topic. Continuing my search for something that would turn me away from buying Dragon Age (I'm hard to impress, and it takes a lot for me to actually buy a game) I turned to blog posts. In addition to the name of the game I added the word review so I could weed out a lot of unnecessary posts that I didn't really care about. Read a couple of reviews, and…dang it! I am still in love with this game.

Social Media

According to Twitter, A LOT of people are playing this game. That's about it…but at least the other sites provide some information. Digg in particular has a lot of links relating to the game and how the world seems to love it. Reviews and articles related to sales showed up, as well as previews and information about the game (because it was JUST released).


I've seen images, read blog reviews and magazine reviews. I'm pretty much sold on this game. But you know what…one more test before I decide this is going to be the greatest game to buy this year. Let's look up videos and see it playing on my own. I found a cool video that might be a bit morally wrong, but let's not think about that…

Animal Slaughter in Dragon Age:Origins

(they're not really bears and wolves!) It's ok to kill animals in video games if they are attacking you (especially if they are attacking you!)

What will I do?

Ok, so…there are dragon images, everyone is playing it, every review says that it's amazing, and the gameplay looks really cool. What should I do? Well, I can pretty much say that I will have this game before I get back from Winter Break. It looks amazing, and it has dragons. If I was iffy on buying it…a dragon or two would do it for me!

Joongel has helped me decide on buying this game, and I'm pretty sure it can help almost anyone do almost anything they need online.

Need a recipe? Use the cooking search function.
Need a torrent? There's a torrent section too.
Feeling sick? There's a health section.
Need a job? You can search for jobs in the jobs section, but…economy's kinda rough right now. Sorry…

Property search, dictionaries, music, finance and family sections, among many others are available in Joongel. It's a great concept, and I would expect it to pick up eventually. I love it, and if it weren't for Facebook…this would probably become my homepage (I'm an unregistered Facebook addict…it's NOT a problem! haha)

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