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There is a new search engine that you can use to search for songs, albums, and artist biographies called noiset. When I first read about Noiset, I was excited to see how it worked. Finally, was there a place I could go that would make it easy to find the music I was looking for, especially when it was relatively unknown stuff?


What the Article Says

Noiset Highlights


Discover Music

Users can recommend albums and see what other users have recommended.

Save Time

Users can listen to song previews before they download them.

Large Collection

Users can browse over 15,000 free albums and find links to download them. Also, because Noiset searches for new, high-quality music blogs, its music collection is constantly growing.

Alternative Links

Noiset crawls music blogs for links to free music download links and posts as many as they can find, in case some links get broken or deleted. These include Megaupload, RapidShare and MediaFire.

My Take

All of that stuff sounded great, so naturally I had high expectations for Noiset. While I do believe that this search engine has the potential to be very useful, after using it I think that it needs some refinement first.

The Good

Album Covers

Sadly, there is not much that I can say is great about Noiset - at least not yet. However, I do like that I can see all the album covers in my search.

The Not-so-Good



For clarity's sake, let me walk you through an example. Go to and search for "Single Ladies" (we all know that song by Beyonce, right?) You will have to scroll down to see that the only song with the title "Single Ladies," the song we were looking for, is in the album that came up seventh in your search results. Now, search "Beyonce Knowles." Better. Since the first four albums listed are exclusively Beyonce, Single Ladies shows up in the second album shown. Finally, let's try "Single Ladies Beyonce Knowles." This query is pretty specific, so I'm expecting that the album/song we are looking for will be the first search result…Not true. This time it's the fourth album down.

This type of thing seems to happen with other artists and songs as well. So, it seems that Noiset doesn't produce what I would consider to be logical and accurate search results. In other words, I think that Noiset's "precision" could be improved.


Just from looking at the Beyonce albums that showed up in our "demo," it appears that none of them are complete. Songs are missing from each album, so I would really like to see Noiset increase its library.


Now that I've read that part about "free downloading links" and taken a look at the website, I'm not sure that people should even use Noiset. If it takes users to links for free music downloads, isn't it just facilitating music piracy? I would definitely look into this issue before downloading anything!

The Little Thing in the Corner of the Search Bar!

Every time I try clicking into the left edge of the search bar, I accidentally click this little black box that spills over it. It is a link taking me back to the homepage. It can get frustrating! You can just click inside the search bar and then use the left arrow key to get to the beginning of whatever text you want to edit, but that gets annoying. I would like to see this "spillage" get fixed.

My Conclusion

I still think that Noiset could be a really useful tool if it works on the shortcomings discussed above. I would love to see it evolve into the place to go to search for music in one convenient location. At least, that would make my life easier. Noiset, if you're listening, the thought does count. It just wasn't enough. Get cleaned up, think about how you can improve your search, and please get rid of that thing in the search bar! Then we'll talk. Looking forward to it…

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