Final Blog: Parcel Delivery Industry

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(Tap tap) Yup, it's me. Here are a few things I'd like you to consider while grading my project.

Project Summary

The parcel delivery industry has become one of the best economic barometers of our time. How many packages people send and receive depends on how much money they have at their disposal, which depends on how well the economy is doing. With the increasing influence of online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, delivery services are become more and more important, not only in the United States, but throughout the entire world.

These are things I never even came close to thinking about before this project. A lot of the information that I have come across during my research has made me think about some interesting questions, such as:

  • How much longer can the United States Postal service, one of the oldest government agencies, remain in existence when it's standing to lose almost $4 billion dollars per year? What are their plans to pull themselves out of recession?
  • With the increasing number of packages, delivery trucks are causing more and more of a threat to our environment. What are delivery companies doing to ensure that they remain environmentally responsible?

While the topic may not seem interesting at first glance, I encourage you to look into this topic and give it a chance. Sometimes it's not about what's in the box, but rather about what the delivery of that box can tell you about the world in which you live.

For the Professor: Tips & Treats

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  • Some industry updates may be shorter than others. Some industry updates may be longer than others. I did my best to fill my industry updates with near-daily news tidbits, but some weeks just didn't have enough news to do so, hence the missing dates.

I hope you enjoy looking through my project, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. I wish there was actually a person stepping in for me and maintaining this website — now that I've found out how interesting this topic can be, the only thing I can think of that is better than keeping this website updated by myself is having someone else do it completely for me. Any takers?

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