People Search: iSearch vs. 411 Locate

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With the world becoming ever more complex, it has become difficult to keep track of contact information. For me, I cannot ever remember the phone number of my parents work or my sister’s room number (they literally have four different contact numbers). To address the critical demand for contact information, many search tools have been developed for users to quickly locate the people information. Many of these People Search Engines such as iSearch and 411 Locate are effective and efficient in retrieving both business and personal contact information. In this blog, I will review these two personal contact search tools on their effectiveness to locate relevant information.


Privacy concern???

Due to the nature of the topic, there have been a lot of privacy concerns recently. However, most of the sites only compile public information, which do not violate anyone’s privacy. On the other hand, there are some sites that report private information that are extracted from personal websites and profiles (although some of these might be sneaky, they are most likely assessable by any internet user). As a result, there have not been many limitations on how far these sites can go to retrieve relevant data. Although I believe there are some privacy concerns, but the benefits of the tools seems to outweigh the minor privacy violation.



iSearch is one of the leading people search engines in the world. Although they claim to have a large number of contact information, I had absolutely no luck with this program. I have conducted twenty different searches ranging from personal friends to famous people, and less than three showed up accurately. This site seems to need a lot more data in order to be effective.

As for the experience, it is not unique or interesting at all. The homepage is very plain with only a search bar and a logo. Although the users can choose the type of keyword they are inputting (Name, Phone, Email, or Screen Name), iSearch cannot retrieve the right information most of the time. If it is able to retrieve multiple results, users can limit the searches by location, career, and school. On the results page, there is a photo of the person on the right side, which only appears once in a while. With all the drawbacks in mind, I would not recommend using this website at all.

Quick search results
Divided keyword section
Lack of user options
Data retrieval (precision) rate is very low
Not exciting experience

411 Locate


411 Locate is another example of People Search Engine. This one is a lot more organized than iSearch while providing users with more options. The homepage do not have any cool graphics, but has subdivided search options. These search tabs divide the section based on the type of results that the users are looking for such as the map location or business addresses.

The search itself is very simple and takes less than a second to bring up the results. It also seems to maintain a larger database than iSearch. The same searches that were conducted in iSearch were also executed for 411 Locate, and returned five out of ten searches. As a result, 411 Locate seems to be a better search tool. Furthermore, they also maintain variety of different business search engine tools such as Yellow Pages, which makes it easier for the users to search.

As for the experience, the site is very plan. Again, there are no cool graphics or photo decorated web page. However, the searches are pretty helpful and the site can be used mobile. This is the really attractive part especially when I need a contact really fast. The business numbers here are very accurate and the reverse search helps to locate who the caller might be. Overall I would recommend using 411 Locate for people searches.

Quick search results
Divided by the different method of search
Large number of personal contacts
Lack of user options
Not exciting experience (no photos)


Although the experience for both of these websites is not that exciting or fun, they provide important information on personal and business contact information. After conducting some detailed searches, I believe 411 Locate is a better people search tool overall based on the accuracy of locating relevant contact information. The mobile feature of 411 Locate is also very helpful and could be accessed by phone very easily. It helped me find the location of different restaurants for my meetings. I would strongly recommend using 411 Locate for all your contact information.

Other People Search Engines (meeting new people by interest and hobbies


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