Real Time Search

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How important is the battle for real-time search dominance for the web-search industry?

What's the story?


This past Saturday Miguel Heft, of the NYT, debated the importance of real-time search in the industry. With sites such as twitter being first to break news stories such as, Michael Jackson's death and all the twists and turns of the amazing balloon boy saga, more and more people are turning to twitter and the like for their up-to-date news info. As a result, more and more investors are turning to them as the new cash cow. Google and Bing have also been sure that they get in on the action. Especially with competitors such as OneRiot, Collecta and Topsy looking to dominate of Real-Time-Search business. Google and Bing both recently inked deals to bring twitter posts to their search engines, with Microsoft signing an additional deal with facebook.

Where's the money?


The question everyone is wondering is how profitable will this sector of online search be? The advertising for Google and Bing is some of the most effective in the industry, but it will be tough to translate that precision into real-time search. Google and Bing are not even advertising with their twitter searches yet and most experts believe that even when they do it will be hard to make them as effective. Real-time-searches will most likely be more specific and therefore harder to tailor proper advertisements towards them.

While both Google and Bing will eventually try to make money off of these deals, currently it seems that their short term goal is to simply make their search engines as comprehensive as possible. It will be exciting to see what the long-term implications of these real-time-search engines will have on the industry.

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