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For all you people who are having a hard time finding a new search engine, here is a search engine that will, among other things, help you search for search engines. is a new search engine that allows you to search for sites similar to the ones you are interested in by pulling up a list of sites with matching web tags.


How it works provides similar website search and tag search functions. If you type in a webpage address (URL), they will find similar websites for you and for any other entry, they do a tag search.

Confidence and Similarity

Once you search for a website, Similar Site Search determines a Confidence level and a Similarity score. The Confidence level gives an idea of the number of times a website has been tagged.

Confidence Level:
very low: The site being searched has been tagged less than 5 times. Fulltext search is used.
low: The site being searched has been tagged less than 50 times. Tag based search is used.
medium: The site being searched has been tagged less than 100 times. Tag based search is used.
high: The site being searched has been tagged more than 100 times. Tag based search is used.

The Similarity score indicates similarity on a percentage basis:

Similarity score ranges from 0% to 100%, with bigger number meaning higher similarity. This score is only a suggestive number whose accuracy depends on the confidence level.

Domain in search results

By default, the tag that is equal to the domain is excluded by the search algorithm. For example, the tag ‘google’ is excluded from similar site search to This will remove some ‘google’ related sites from the results.
To include these sites, append ‘&I=1′ in the query. For example:

Finding more similar sites

When you are not satisfied with the search results, you may be able to find more similar sites by doing deeper search. You can do this by appending search option ‘&D=1′ in the query. For example, if you type in a query: This option will let search engine explore double the amount of websites of the regular search.


With this search tool there is a link called options which allows you to add other tags to your search and also delete irrelevant tags to make your search more specific and relevant.

My Opinion

I think this is a great tool to look for similar websites. It will help in searching for similar information on different websites with similar content. After playing around with this search engine, I found that the search engine mostly returned relevant results. When you search for, it gives you different university website ranging from universities in Michigan such as Wayne State University to Harvard University.
Try this tool out and I'm sure you'll find it useful!!

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