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Before the internet was so prevalently used, radio stations were king. People listened to radio for almost a century to get their news, music, and entertainment. However, when the internet became popular, radio stations had to create websites that led to their online radio station to attract those customers that sit at their computer much more than in their car.

Internet Radio

Now, both pure-play (only online) and terrestrial (original, land-based) radio stations are in competition for the internet audience. There are many marketing aspects that are involved in gathering an online radio audience that are very closely tied to building a good website in general. You have to have an easy to use web-page interface, standout graphics, advertisements so that it generates revenue, entertainment options, and a great song selection (maybe a little bit internet radio specific). Because there are so many internet radio stations that are competing with each other, from Pandora (a purely online radio provider) to (a land-based radio station in Miami), you have to be able to stand out.

Key Word based Search

One of the most important keys to having a successful radio station is being among the top results on a search engine when an internet radio related search query is entered. This has constantly been the most important factor for internet radio stations to get acknowledged and to get the most user traffic. However, what has been lacking is the discussion of how to get atop the search engine results page. That is by having the correct key words in the site description and title. For this one has to think about what internet radio searchers are putting into a search engine to find online radio stations.

Here are some key-words that might be most commonly used in a search query:

  1. Internet Radio
  2. Online Radio
  3. Online Radio Stations
  4. Internet Radio Stations
  5. Radio Stations
  6. Best Internet Radio Stations
  7. Top Internet Radio Stations
  8. Online Music Streaming

I conducted a Google Trends Analysis to see which search terms come up the most often (in the U.S.), and here are the results below:


As you can see, Online Radio is by far and above the most used search query, so to get the most traffic on an internet radio website I would try to use terms such as Online Rap Radio or Online Jazz Radio; all that absolutely needs to be included is online radio because then it will come up on the search results page.

To show you how important it is that a radio station is listed at the top of a search results page, did an analysis of the number of visitors that came to one of their online radio websites. They found out that "81.9% of users came directly from search engine queries and 69.8% of these were new visitors." This is an astounding number, and is a really tell-tale sign of how important search engines can be to website traffic and how important search engine optimization (the process of improving the traffic to a website via search engines) is to a company.

If you want get more details on Internet Radio Search Engine Optimization, here is the link to the article where I received much of my information: "What the Public Call Radio, Online"

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